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XYd lab  is dedicated in  providing laboratory and nursing services for individuals, couples, families, groups and healthcare professionals in a timely and high-quality laboratory tests results.

1- Diagnosting testing ( blood, urine and other tests) from ​biochemistry, hematology, endocrinology, serology, microbiology, immunology, pathology,cytology and hydrogen breath test.
We specialize in Covid-19 PCR tests or antigen rapid tests for travel or health. We also can verify your Covid-19 antibodies against the virus or if you have antibodies from the vaccines to verify your immunity.

2- Cardiology testing such as ECG, blood pressure monitoring, Holter monitoring and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.​

3- Genetic testing for personal or for medical reasons

​4- Nursing services for health advice and teaching, wound care, ear wash, stitches removal, etc.

5- Prenatal screening.

6- Vaccination for you,  your family or groups for health or travel.


Diagnostic Testing

•  ​Biochemistry

•  Hematology

•  Endocrinology

•  Serology

•  Microbiology

• Immunology

• Pathology

• Cytology

• Hydrogen Breath Test​

Healthcare Workers

Nursing Care

• ​​Dressing

• Ear wash

• Stiches Removal

• health advice,  teaching

Checking Blood Pressure


•  24 hour Ambulatory Blood
•  Pressure Monitor
•  Holter Monitoring
•  ECG

Scientist with Test Tubes

Prenatal Screening

Blood tests for:

• 1st Trimester Maternal Serum Screen

• 2nd Trimester Maternal Serum Screen, 3 Markers

• 2nd Trimester Maternal Serum Screen. 4 Markers

• Integrated 1st & 2nd Maternal Serum Screen

Science Lab

Genetic Testing

•  Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Testing (40 mutations)

• Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier

•  Pharmacogenomics

•  Fragile-X Carrier Testing



Vaccination services are available by appointment only. 


For more information send us by  email at

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