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COVID-19 PCR Tests & Rapid Antigen Tests for Travellers

XYd lab provides tests for COVID-19, including standard PCR screening tests, rapid antigen tests, and serological tests for COVID-19  antibodies or  immunity status ( if you need to know your immunity  status for personal, organizations or international travel).

○ All tests approved by Health Canada


○ Certificate of attestation sent by email
(and text message for rapid test only)


○ No prescription or fasting required


○ Receipt provided for insurance


○ Test administered by certified nurses

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Rapid Antigen Test

•  Verbal result within 15 minutes

•  Certificate sent in less than 3 hours with QR code

•  Valid for travel to the United States

•  Non-invasive nasal swab

•  Attestation of test result delivered by our clinic

$95 (taxes included)


Post-Virus Antibody Test

•  Blood test to confirm presence of COVID-19 antibodies

•  Detects previous exposure to COVID-19 (not for post-vaccine)

•  Certificate sent in less than 24 hours.

$170 (taxes included)

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PCR Swab Test

•  Most widely accepted COVID test for travel

•  Certificate sent in

24 hrs (week days) ,24 to 36 hrs  (weekends & holidays)

•  QR code available upon request

•  Non-invasive nasal swab

$190 (taxes included)


Post-Vaccine Antibody Test

•  Blood test to confirm presence of antibodies after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

•  Certificate sent in less than 24 hours

$165 (taxes included)

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Combo PCR and Antibody Tests

•  Accepted for ALL international travel

•  Approved by Chinese Embassy

Certificate sent in 

24 hrs (week days), 24 to 36 hrs ( weekends & holidays ) 

•  Non invasive nasal swab + Blood test

​​$340 (taxes included)


Booking your appointment

It is recommended that you confirm which test is accepted for the countries you will be visiting or passing through, including all connections and your final destination. Check with the country’s consulate or embassy for more information.

Be sure to select the correct COVID test when booking your appointment online. Walk-ins are not accepted.

After your appointment

Rapid antigen results will be sent by email and text message within 3 hours following your test. All other results will be sent by email in less than 24 hours after the test.

If you do not receive your result within the expected time period, please check your spam folder and then email the clinic where you were tested. Be sure to provide your full name, the date and time of your appointment, and which test you received.

To request a QR code, please forward the email of your result to the clinic and they will respond as quickly as possible.

During your appointment

When you arrive at the testing center, be prepared to show a valid ID and the appointment confirmation received by email. If the country to which you are travelling requires a passport number on the test results, please bring a valid passport as well.

The tests themselves take only a few minutes and your entire appointment should last no longer than 15 minutes. Verbal results for the rapid COVID test are given on premises before you leave.

To cancel your appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment, please email the clinic where you have an appointment scheduled. Be sure to provide your full name, and the date and time of your appointment. Cancellation requests made at least 24 hours in advance are eligible for a refund.

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